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Taking A THC Break, But Missing The Feel Smoking?


In my first post, I talked about why I am taking a THC break. I am excited to announce that I have my long-awaited dosing date! My drug test and other screenings came back with no limitations holding me from the healing powers of Psilocybin. This past Wednesday, I had a video call with Sam and we planned out the next six visits in the clinical trial. My dosing date will be on August 2nd! 🙂 I have another drug test on August 1st, so I still have to "be good" in terms of not smoking.

This week was a rough one emotionally. After some of the screening questions that I had to answer about suicidal ideations and just how often I feel depressed, I felt a bit out of sorts. I really missed the relaxing feeling of rolling up and smoking to soothe my mind before bed. I remembered that for a time, Groupon used to have CBD flower on their site. After a quick search, I learned that this is no longer the case; so I started my quest for a high CBD % with no THC. I happened upon the brand PURLYF, and they check out.

The two strains that I got were Special Sauce and that old classic, Grandaddy Purple. In the picture above you see mostly Grandaddy Purple with a little Special Sauce. And no 🙄 that white stuff is not angel dust - pictured above is CBN isolate. CBN is a great cannabinoid that is used to help improve sleep quality. I acquired both CBN isolate and CBG isolate on one of my past work trips and it really helped seal the deal of the sleep components in the Grandaddy Purple strain.

It felt good to rollup and smoke again. It was funny, once I put the RAW filter tip in and picked it up to roll, I thought to myself "Oh God! What if I forgot how to roll?!" I knew it hadn't been long enough to forget but holding the paper in my hand felt so foreign! But alas, I rolled up and lit that bad boy.

LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR: This combination was not "that gas" and it did not have me out like a light the way actual THC helps me get to sleep, but I did feel more relaxed for sure. Plus, once I took my CBD gummy and melatonin combo, I started to feel pretty sleepy. So I definitely recommend the PURLYF flower for anyone wanting a clean, THC-free, Nicotine-free, smoke experience that relaxes you way more (in my opinion) than hookah.

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