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My Magic Mushroom Clinical Trial Experience

My trip was great! I came out of the experience with a lot of powerful insights. The main one, which was also the intention I set, was being a little more compassionate towards myself. More importantly, taking that newfound self-compassion and using it to help me take more creative risks.

I realized that I am the biggest thing holding myself back from being creative and growing that side of me on a more full-time basis. I love making art, I love developing and promoting logos + brand identity, and I love designing websites and putting together videos (animation or otherwise). Most people don't know that I do any of it because I'm always waiting for that "perfect moment" to introduce myself or have the perfect gift to leave with someone to help them think of me when they need a creative. When in reality, if I just let go of some of that pressure to be "perfect" and accept that I am enough - I'd have the confidence to land almost any creative client.

In addition to the main insight of being more self-compassionate and forgiving when pursuing my art career; I came out feeling more thankful too. Being thankful that I don't have to put that pressure on myself to be creative full time, because I help heal so many others. There are in fact two fires that ignite passion in me; one is being creative and the second, is helping others. In fact, one of the reasons I love being creative is so that I can help others get their ideas across if they're artistically challenged. 😅

The following video was made in the afterglow period of my revelations and mainly focuses on the clinical trial aspect/viewpoint.

  • I'll talk about the main 3-day period that I spent my qualifying weeks preparing for.

  • I'll discuss how

  • On the first day, I got to know the room - set and setting is important

  • On the second day, what some of my thoughts were leading up to and through the psychedelic journey

  • On the third day, having to go back to talk and what the rest of the trial experience will be moving forward

  • Lastly, if you stay towards the very end! I talk about my first couple of experiences testing my THC tolerance after such a long break from smoking.

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