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Microdosing Magic Mushrooms + Multitasking with Mercy

This week, micro-dosing helped me get through my hefty to-do list with less stress than before my clinical trial experience. Utilizing that self-compassion that came from the trial, I was able to successfully cross things off my list and move things to the next day (if needed) without feeling added stress if more time was needed to get something done.

This week's strain highlight is Gelato 41. Typically an indica strain, but this batch hit a little more like a daytime - and the insights into why. Looking at you terpenes!

Last week was photography, and this week is illustration. Check out the time-lapse and finished product! *Thank you Procreate for the ability to time-lapse videos with ease.

Lastly, microdosers get ready! Stay to the very end to get the tip that will make life easier for the frequent psychonaut.

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