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Legalize Marijuana Maryland! + Equality and Inclusion for the Cannabis Industry

"Vote Yes on 4" this November: Recreational Marijuana use is coming to MD!!! The ballot question will be posed and the people of the great state of Maryland seem like they're going to vote it through!

This will be great for MD Cannabis consumers but when it comes to the behind-the-scenes costs, it feels like we'll be seeing fewer and fewer black faces leading the charge. Legalization is great for small businesses if you can afford to take part in the business side at a reasonable cost. At the numbers they're giving us, even the initial fees are steep to get you started. Historically African Americans received the short end of the stick, often making less than white counterparts in stride. Most African Americans who want to get their foot in the door of the industry can't afford these steep asks.

Voting "Yes" on 4 in November is only the first step. We then have to seek out ways to continue to use our voices and make Marijuana becoming legal a truly equal opportunity for all.

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