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Bipolar II Disorder, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Allergies - What Helps?

If you clicked this blog post, you likely suffer or know someone who is impacted by one of the aforementioned things above. I am affected by all three on a semi-regular and consistent basis. Check out the video for a peek inside my pill pack to see what I take daily or, in the case of micro-dosing with magic mushrooms, every other day to help me find relief from my symptoms.

Oh! In terms of IBS, I should also mention that in conjunction with IBgard, I went through a 4-month process of following the FODMAP diet. The diet was basically a science experiment that involved removing high sugar foods as well as things linked to inflammation in the body. Once removed for an extended period, you slowly start reintroducing things to see what makes your gastro system act up.

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